8874034 Canada, Inc. The commercial name FERTISYM which means (fertilization in symbiosis with nature), is dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing, marketing of Biostimulants. Our products are innovative, environmentally safe and safe, they are derived from 100% natural organic materials, designed to increase agricultural yield, plants self defense, resistance to biotic and abiotic factors, improving the quality of the soil. They are designed for use in a variety of areas such as agriculture, gardening, forestry, soil regeneration, soil restoration, greenhouses, nurseries and sports grounds maintenance.

Our biostimulant compositions are formulated to provide nutritional support and / or enhance the cellular energy of plants and trees. Our products are water soluble, they promote water retention and soil structure, but also promote unparalleled root development and plant growth by providing a rich array of nutrients and molecules.

Fertisym listens to its customers at all times and is receptive to their ideas, concerns and grievances in order to react accordingly by designing products that meet their needs. They also happen to us, to anticipate their needs
We are pleased to announce that our FERTIESSENTIAL and FERTIROOT products are patented and homologated by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

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List of employees members of the QGSA:

Redouane Moussaoui
Cell : (514) 622-8714
Email : info@fertisym.com

Guy Bergeron
Chef des opérations
Cell : (514)240-6244
Email : info@fertisym.com

Martin Laporte
Cell : (450) 803-7194
Email : tintin_laporte@hotmail.com

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FertiSym (8874034 Canada inc.)
7975, Place de Spalding
Montréal (Québec) H1K 3W6

WebSite : http://www.fertisym.com