Code of ethics

Whereas, this code of ethics and conduct is established to act as a guide to appropriate conduct for the members of the Association, and to promote a high level of professional standards of service and conduct amongst those members;

Whereas one uniform code of ethics and conduct, closely adhered to and enforced, will help develop individual responsibility, character and professionalism within the Association;

Whereas failure of a member to comply with the rules set out in this code of ethics and conduct may result in disciplinary action, including imposition of fines, suspension of privileges and termination of membership in accordance with the by-laws of the Association;

Therefore, the Association enacts and each member subscribes to and agrees to abide by the following code of ethics and conduct:

Members shall maintain courteous relations with the Association and with their follow members.

Members shall recognize and discharge all their responsibilities and duties to the best of their ability and knowledge, and shall apply sound principles of business management and turf management in all their professional endeavours.

Members shall endeavour to expand their professional knowledge at every practical opportunity, in order to improve themselves and their profession.

Members shall maintain the highest standards of personal and profession of golf course management.

Members of all categories commit to respect the principles of the pesticides reduction plan and not to use prohibited products.

No member shall initiate or engage in correspondence or discussion with a Director, member or official of another club or provide professional or consulting services to another club without first notifying the golf superintendent associated with that club.

No member shall seek to obtain employment or career advancement by applying for or otherwise seeking to secure a position already filled by a member of the Association.

Members who become aware that an employment vacancy for a golf superintendent exists shall make every effort to encourage the potential employer to retain a golf superintendent who is a member in good standing of the Association.

Members shall not offer any endorsement on behalf of the Association, exploit their affiliation with the Association in connection with any endorsement or otherwise discredit the name, goodwill or reputation of the Association to be mentioned in connection with any endorsement without the written approval of the Association.

Members shall support and actively participate in the efforts of the Association to improve public understanding and recognition of the profession of golf course management.

Members who become aware of any wilful violation of this code of ethics and conduct shall promptly report such violation in writing to the Association at its head office or to any one or more of the Directors of the Association.