Plant Products

For more than 75 years Plant Products has been a full service supplier of fertilizer, pest control products, seeds and other consumable goods to the greenhouse, turf, nursery and specialty horticulture industries in Canada and the USA. It maintains locations in Laval, QC, Ancaster, ON, Detroit, MI and head office in Leamington, ON.

Partners of the company are able to leverage its many strengths including: technical sales, new product development, regulatory, marketing, and logistics.

List of employees member of the QGSA


La direction:

Isabel DeRepentigny 
Directrice de la logistique
Tél. Cell. : (514) 863-7537
Email :


Représentants techniques:


François Renaud
Tél. domicile : (514) 973-2722
Email :


Carl Marks,
Tél. cell. : (514) 793-2700
Email :


Michael Sturrock,
Tél. cell. : (514) 609-7500
Email :


Alan Morton
Tél. cell. : (514) 247-5918
Email :

Contact information :

3370, Le Corbusier
Laval (Québec) H7L 4S8
Tél: 450 682-6110
Fax : 450 682-6117


Email & Web Site :

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