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Triad Solutions has been a leader in the sale of irrigation products with the Rain Bird product line for over 20 years helping professionals in the horticulture industry to improve the health and quality of lawns and green spaces by offering superior quality products, agronomic expertise and professional service.

For Triad Solutions the key to success is a holistic approach that takes into account the needs of the plant and the environment. We are particularly proud of our “everything under one roof” concept to meet all your needs in terms of fertilization, irrigation and phyto protection.




List of employees member of the QGSA


Yves Demers
Cell. : (514) 821-2593
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Greg Mc Vittie
Cell. : (514) 820-9340
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Bruno Morissette
Cell. : (418) 998-3388
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5850, Vanden Abeele
Ville St-Laurent (Québec) H4S 1R9
Tel.: (514) 333-1315
Sans frais 1 (800) 567-2473
Fax : (514) 333-1251


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